Hello everyone, welcome to our blog for the Commenius Project Crisis. Hopefully you enjoyed and learned from the project as much as us! Have a great time!

Our school

Our school is one of the best schools in Burgas. There  are a lot of students that want to become members of our school. That is why they sit for exams in  Bulgarian language and literature and mathematics. They compete with the other peers for a limited number of places that are  accepted into the school. We’d rather say that it’s very difficult to become student in our school. The competition is very strong. This is because of the system of education. In our school students learn foreign languages. The major one is English. That is why during the first year of education students have 18 classes of English per week. The second year students can choose to study a second language – either German or Russian. This is another option for learning a foreign language. Students of our school can be very well educated in other subjects like maths, literature, biology, history, geography and a good background of physical education, etc. All that happens here is thanks to our amazing and talented teachers that are eager to give and to teach their students whatever they know. In the extra curricular program we perform many diverse activities that develop other skills in our students.


Our town

You must be a real dreamer to live in Burgas. People born in Burgas are special people. They can not live without the sea. It’s the town of so many artists, actors, poets, that became world famous with their creations. And it’s the sea they drew inspiration from. In the recent years, our town has changed a lot. This is due to our ambitious mayor, who, with his enthusiastic team, set our town to become the beauty it is now. It is like a miracle – we have a newly built city centre, a newly molded sea garden and many new public buildings. The policy of our municipality is to open our town towards the sea and to make it a real sea resort town. Many cruisers stop at our port. And our community doesn’t forget the history of the town. We still keep lots of old buildings, which are architectural achievements. And they are alternately renovated. Their functions have changed with time. All the citizens keep in their hearts love for their town, and even if they are abroad, they come to see it and spend their time in Burgas with pleasure.

Our country

Bulgaria is not only a country. It is our destiny, it is our Homeland. it is our treasure. This is the place where we were born, where we took our first mouthful of air. I love this country and instead of the problems it is the most beautiful and wonderful land. Unfortunately, not much is known about Bulgaria in other countries. But things change for the better- people even can’t find our land on the map but they can feel the magic of our music, they can see the talent of our children, the beauty of the Bulgarian women, the poets with their poems touching the soul. Bulgarian culture is our treasure and we must be proud of it. Our literature, our dances, our athletes are wonderful. The first computer is made by a Bulgarian .It is of great significance for the present and the future of mankind. It is an event that will stay in the history forever. Bulgarians are smart, warm and hospitable. We are talented and we can do whatever we want. We may have problems with our standard of living but we continue to be nice and assiduous. Bulgarian music is loved by many people and you can hear it sung all over the world. Recently I understood for a group of women and children who sing Bulgarian songs in other country and it’s not the only one-there are many. I may say it made me happy, because our culture has to be valued. Bulgaria is a great country. We are rich, rich and happy with our achievements, rich and proud of our history and culture. Rich with our nature. All this makes us happy and inspired to believe and hope that the good will survive!!!

About the project:

CRISIS-Change route if the system is sick. Itineraries through time-change and progress

The project CRISIS is one of the COMENIUS projects and its duration is from 2013 to 2015. There are 5 countries involved in the project – Italy, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria and France. The coordinating country is Italy. The project is a work from the  life learning program of the European commission whose main priorities are :
-          To involve students and teachers from different countries which are interested in the topic.
-          To encourage students to ask their teachers about the past and to find the answers themselves.
-          Students have to learn how to be competitive in the face of economic and social crisis and  the new demands of a  fast developing economical market.
-          Using modern IT is the fastest and the easiest way to communicate and share ideas both students and teachers.
-          Try to find and establish ideas how to work and live in its own country- create ideas and suggest plans that should be shared with the national institutions and local business, so that young people stay and earn their living in their own country.
-          Students should  understand how  deeply  various social changes have always transformed and influenced the places where they live.
-          Using English as a language for communication

During  all the periods from visit to visit, students and teachers  made investigations on crises of their own town.  They collected various materials, made interviews, reports, posters, presentations and files, which represent the crisis in different and understandable way for the others.