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WILD AEG is ready to accept the challenge of being absolutely successful

Wild AEG is the online newspaper of the English Learning High School “Geo Milev”, Burgas.

The idea was born four years ago and it kept altering and developing. The newspaper has existed under the names “School Life Journal”, “VesTnik” and the present “Wild AEG”. The first leader of the newspaper was Denis Chingov ’11 in 2009 and he shared the position with Vesela Koeva ’11 in 2010/2011. In 2012 Irina Dihanova took the lead and developed the journal to a whole new ‘awesome 9GAG Level’ so as to inspire and aspire!

We still intend to be funny, revealing and addictive, just like the 9GAG memes! Wild AEG aims to accurately portray the everyday life and the people of  “Geo Milev”, to show the talents of the student body and the faculty, inform about events and focus on the simple joys in life!

As you can see, we feel more than comfortable mixing Bulgarian and English in our publications…

Всички статии и материали са старателно събрани от възпитаниците на АЕГ и прегледани от редакторите на вестника. Тук можете да намерите и лично творчество на нашите талантливи съученици. Всеки, който има желание да види своята публикация, може да я изпрати на имейл d_lyapova@mail.bg . На същия адрес очакваме и вашите мнения, въпроси и препоръки!

Екипът на Wild AEG благодари за щедрото съдействие на ръководителите на литературните клубове, администрацията и учителите на ГПАЕ “Гео Милев”.

Special admirations to our precious Ms. Didy Todorova. This site would not have existed, was it not for her enthusiasm and generous help.

Irina Dihanova – former editor in chief

Десислава Ляпова,

Главен редактор

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