Winners – brochure Bulgaria

When we were told about the Y.E.A. project by our teacher we realised what opportunity we had – to go to a foreign country, to meet new people and to become acquainted with their culture.

We started working on our brochure earlier than we needed to and we spent almost a whole weekend. We used Internet as the main source of information and also a guide book to find out something more than what we had known about Hungary.

As soon as we gathered all information we needed, we started working on the brochure, itself. We chose the design to be colourful due to all the positive thoughts we got just by thinking about this project.

We both (Galin and Radost) came up with many ideas. However, there were some moments of arguing about which one is better to write about, but still, we always came to a decision which is the more appropriate and better idea. Since the style of the brochure is positive and colourful we searched for pictures of smiling teenagers. As for the content, we wrote about both countries – about their resemblances, no matter if close or remote, and their differences. In the end we included  a letter from us saying who we are to make our brochure more personal and to appeal directly to the teenagers from Hungary.

We did our best to make this school project not to look like just one of the more boring ones but to look amusing and entertaining at once. By spending almost a weekend seeking for pictures, information and thinking what to write about and how to make it look like, we hopefully did it.

Galin and Radost  IX d

Публикувано в Галерия. Постоянна връзка.

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