Bilateral project – Bulgaria – Hungary

An act-oriented study of citizenship with an approach of not to say a lot,but to provoke and encourage students to look beyond themselves, their families and friends. To extend their horizons and replace the “I” with the “we”, to point through acts to understanding and respect for human rights and democracy, and encourage tolerance and respect for other peoples and cultures. This will be fulfilled through creative intercultural dialogue and a combination of language inputs and practical activities on the topic of culture, youth, citizenship and autonomy. The two schools  have strong students councils and the Bulgarian one has already set traditions of “I Say” club for discussion of hot topics – basis for sharing of experience.

A chance will be provided for the students to learn about each other in a practical way as the project will go beyond the general and vocational study programme onto the level of non formal education. Priority will be given to informal peer learning and communicating through the so popular web blogs and programmes for instant messaging via internet. A closing conference will be organized via internet as well.  

 All the activities offered will lead to strengthening students autonomy in both groups and raising awareness of belonging to a community where being active and involved is what changes lives to the better,parallelly emphasising creativity and team wok, as well as  key competences as presentation skills and leadership.

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