“Let’s think ecological about the future”

Students from ”Geo Milev” ELS-Burgas who are  participants in the Erasmus +  project “Green City Life” took part in the Third Ecological Conference “Let’s think ecological about the future”, organised by “Asen Zlatarov” University-Burgas (Department of  “Ecology and environmental protection”) and Burgas Municipality. The conference was held on 20-22 of March, 2019 in the seaside casino, in „George Baev” hall. The students presented a project about “The biodiversity in our town” and more particularly about “Protected areas; biodiversity”. They shared their points of view about the need of environmental protection and made a presentation about the endangered and protected plant and animal species in Burgas and the region. Certificates  and awards were given to the students and their teachers for their contribution to the protection of the environment.

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