Страшна поема или история 

Страшна поема или история

През месец октомври учениците от АЕГ „Гео Милев“ развихриха фантазия и демонстрираха креативно мислене в надпреварва за създаване на страшни истории и поеми на английски език. Текстовете бяха изключително интересни, а най-добрите от тях бяха наградени на 2. ноември от г-жа Красимира Митева, заместник-директор УД на гимназията.

Първо място за най-добра поема спечели Диляра Христова от 11.в клас.  В текста на единадесетокласничката „Along the Forest Line“ („По протежение на гората“) невидимото присъствие на нещо, което те наблюдава, смразява  кръвта и затруднява дишането ти, докато четеш. 

На второ място в тази категория се класира Сияна Железарова от 11.б клас  с  текста си  „Fear of the Undivulged” („Страх от неразкритото“), а на трето – Джемиле  Мустафа от 11.б клас с поемата си „Maggot Possession” („Собственост на червеи”). 

В категорията „Най-добра страшна история“ Христина Димитрова от 12.е клас впечатли журито с „A Treat Not So Sweet“ ( „Не толкова сладка почерпка“). Текстът е създаден във формата на незавършено писмо. Дванадесетокласничката  представя историята на малка скаутка, някогашна  продавачка на бисквити, която търси възмездие за своята гибел вече повече от 100 години на всеки 31. октомври.

Дарина Мирева от 10.е клас забавлява читателите с шегите на фантомното дърво с посланието „Внимавай какво си пожелаваш!“ в „The Pranks of Phantomwood” („Шегите на Фантомвуд“). Петя Георгиева от 10.б клас пък  отвлече за малко проверяващите с полет 102 в „The Disturbing Case of Flight 102 („Смущаващият случай на полет 102“).

Споделяме текстовете на двете ученички, заели първите места в класациите, за да се уверите в таланта им!



                    Диляра Христова



Along the forest line

Peeking through my window

In the corner of my eye

And behind me in the mirror


I can feel its gaze on me

I can sense its rage

I don’t know what it is

But I know it wants my flesh


When I lay in bed at night

It scrapes against my door

I always wake up in a fright

Cold sweat dripping on the floor


Sometimes I see it

And its long lanky legs

Sometimes I can feel it

And its breath against my neck


An intruder in my home

A haunting in my head

A stalker in the streets

A demon under my bed



* * *


I was driving one night

Home from a hike

And it crossed the street

Causing me to crash


I ran through the fog

The trees

The grass

The bushes

A fast limp

A busted lip

A bleeding arm

Hard to breathe…


My life was on the line

But the woods were my escape

A ranger’s outpost in my sight

I ran to it,

banging at the door

I needed in…

Looking through the windows

Seeking for help…


A demon was after me

It wanted my flesh


It knew my name

And my life

My family

And friends


I need help.

I can’t stop scraping at that door.








I can








* * *


Along the forest line

Peeking through my window

In the corner of my eye

And behind me in the mirror


I can feel its gaze on me

I can sense its rage

I don’t know what it is

But I know it wants my flesh



        Христина Димитрова 

“Dear Susan, 

How have you been? Is everything alright? I`m writing to you to tell you about something that has been bothering me for the past few days. I hope I can find some sort of peace or comfort by sharing it with someone.

My parents went on a two-week holiday and will return on the fifth of November. I have always loved being at home by myself, so it is really unusual for me to feel stressed out by it, like right now. The reason behind that is a story my older sister told me last Saturday. I am having trouble sleeping since then and I get this intense feeling of panic in my chest every time it gets darker outside. You know that Halloween is coming up, which always has me excited to decorate the whole house and scare the little kids who pass by. But this time, there are no decorations and the only one that is scared, is me.

Basically, one hundred years ago, even before my parents were born, there was a little girl scout, who loved Halloween as much as I did. She went from house to house, offering people homemade biscuits with different scary shapes. They all adored her because of her cute face, charming personality and tasty sweets. Her so-called “business” brought her a lot of money which she used to help her family out. Everything was going great until the jealousy of the other kids came in the way. No one wanted to buy their sweets which led to the disappointment of their parents. With each day that passed, anger was filling them up more and more. They tried multiple ways to sabotage the little girl`s business but she always found a way to fix the mess and continue with even more passion and positivity. Until the night of the 31st of October, when everything changed.

A group of teenagers, who were about my age, came up with a plan. They dressed up in costumes and hid their faces with horrifying masks. Then they waited in front of the little girl`s house until she came out of the front door with her basket of biscuits, big smile and hopefully looking eyes. They managed to follow her through every doorstep, quietly waiting for the perfect moment to step in. The wind was blowing, the air was freezing, and the moon was watching the scene from above with a judging look on her face. After emptying half of the basket, the girl reached the spookiest street in her neighbourhood. She hesitated before going on with her walk, fearful of what she might find there. Her grandma always used to tell her spine-chilling stories about that place. However, she wanted to sell all her sweets, so she had to put her fears behind her and do it for the sake of getting the job done. She took one, two, three steps in, but heard four, five, six steps behind her. She held her breath but someone else let theirs out. Before even being able to turn around and check who it was, a boy pushed her with full force and she fell on the sidewalk, dropping the basket. A strange noise filled the air. The teenagers started running away, leaving the defenceless scout alone. In the awfully quiet, awfully empty, awfully scary street. The next morning the only thing that was left of the girl was a few crushed biscuits along with some muffins, whose form could not even be recognised.

Time passed. The tragedy slowly was forgotten, but the crime – yet unsolved. Neither did someone see the faces of the kids, nor was the girl there to give any details of what had happened. Until one Halloween, in 2000, something strange started going around in the town. On the eve of the holiday, people were complaining that someone knocked on their front doors but the second they opened, there was no one there. Rumour is that this is the little girl`s spirit, thirsty for revenge. Why does she not harm anyone, you might ask. My sister told me that the scout wants to recognise the faces of the ones who are guilty of her disappearance, before giving them a sweet treat of their own medicine.

Soon, little by little, a lot of people started going missing, with the only evidence left in their homes – a basket of crushed biscuits. Last year, a news report discovered that these citizens were part of the group who committed the crime back in 1923, only one of whom had not been captured. Is she still going around, searching for her last victim, is the real question?

Anyway, let`s change the subject because it got really depressing, didn`t it? Did you hear about the drama between Jake and Katy? She kissed his best friend and then said it was because they looked so much alike. Can you imagine? Hold on. I will be right back. Someone is knocking on the door. My parents might have gotten back from the holiday earlier- …” 

… – The last thing written by Emma Patterson!

31st of October,

2005 London,

Тhe United Kingdom 

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