Follow me to Minecraft

Follow Me to Minecraft will harness the power of Minecraft to create a fun learning experience through activities aligned to level A1 of the CEFR and are designed to focus on the skills and knowledge required by English language learners to communicate successfully at this level. Problem-based learning enables students to embrace complexity, find relevance and joy in their learning, and enhance their capacity to make creative contributions to real-world problems. 

Minecraft is an ideal digital learning environment for delivering independent or guided learning experiences and the project explores language teaching within the engaging and creative context offered by the world of Minecraft. 

FOLLOW ME will deliver a new educational tool to be used both in ELT classrooms and at home by instructors and learners respectively, comprising a teacher’s guide and a complete set of activities to be performed in a digital learning space. This will be achieved through a series of constant collaboration between subject matter experts (aka ELT professionals), game developers to first identify the needs and set the learning objectives, and later on implement them in a virtual environment. Stories help young learners remember their experiences in second languages and so an overarching narrative can tie together the puzzles for the learners to solve within Minecraft. Apart from facilitating the understanding of English, the game will also encourage skills that are important as learning outcomes, such as curiosity, creativity, perseverance, problem solving, and collaboration. 

The main outcome – an increase in the use of digital learning spaces for delivering ELT learning experiences to children and, in particular, in the use of Minecraft as a delivery environment for ELT.